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The art of gifting flowers to the love of your life


    Its not her Birthday, neither your anniversary, neither is she upset with you nor are you thinking of proposing to her – then why would you get her flowers? It’s not even Valentine’s either. Well – that is the exact point – giving flowers on occasions should not really define your relationship. Get her flowers, show that you are man enough to get her flowers without a reason. She might resent it from outside or say its unnecessary, but there is nothing more romantic than flowers. Surprise her!


Do’s of gifting flowers to your gal :

1) Get flowers delivered to her office or home to show that she is on your mind. Its one of the most romantic gestures and makes her think of you, when you are not there.


2) Try to ask her friends or gauge what kind of flowers, she likes. Red roses are just too cliche. Try some different bright colours when gifting flowers when there is no occasion as such. Coral roses, pink roses, white lillies, yellow carnations, orange daisies are ideal.


3) Surprise her on weekend dates when you are planning to watch movies, go for brunches or just hanging out.


4) To get the magic back in your married life, get her some flowers for your wife, there is no better way to rekindle that romance and tell her that you still find her more beautiful and attractive with passing years.


Show her how important she has been to you all her life. Appreciate her with flowers. Its never too late for showing how much you value her. Age is just a number, really!!!


5) You sometimes don’t need flowers, when you are  already surrounded by flowers. Take her there.


6) The best way to iron out the differences and say sorry. Even if it wasn’t your fault, so what? She would still forgive you if you get her flowers. Just ensure that you didn’t really cheat on her or did something more horrendous. Well then flowers with diamonds might work ( Sarcasm??)


7) Remember you might not get a rosy reaction as below from her always, but yes, she will think of you when next time she sees flowers. It gets engraved in the sub- conscious.


9)The most important thing is you don’t need an occasion.. Just do it. If you are creative yourself, make her a personalized bouquet from the many DIY projects available on the net. She would definitely be impressed.


Don’ts of flower gifting

1)      Please ensure she is not allergic to some flowers and gets all swollen from the pollen or asthma.


2) The way you give flowers matters – please don’t throw it in her face or give in a violent gesture like this – no matter how cute the flowers. Please refer to all pics in the “Do’s” section above for a romantic experience.


3) Also, please don’t act wear matching shirts and that expression – it’s a lot to handle..


Or wear your own flowers or use them as replacement for cigars. ( It maybe a girl below, but resembles a lot of my guy friends, so I am using this image to demonstrate.)



Or act too excited or  gay ( happiness gay). We are not homophobic!!!


4) Please wear your pants while giving flowers. Its important.


5) Your expression can make or break it, please don’t look creepy. Be cool..


6) Don’t get her flowers thinking that you can win her back, as she is already packing her bags to leave. It wont work. Consistency, my friend, is important.

382782775_man_giving_woman_flowers (1)

7) Unless you look like Ashton Kutcher, try not to embarrass the girl in front of people. (Not sure if the pic below is a do or don’t) Maybe worth a shot.  Please be careful…

Valentines Day movie image JENNIFER GARNER and ASHTON KUTCHER

8) Don’t stalk her and give her flowers, it will back fire and there are anti-stalking helplines. Please dont blame us later that we didnt tell you.


9) Also, don’t expect miracle because you gave her flowers. The below is an exception – this will only happen in dreams and Disney. So please shave and look good.


10) Seriously – less expectations!!


11) Please don’t be a miser and  giver her just one flower, so that you have new excuses to get closer to her . Give her a bunch and some space. (Sarcasm.. get it?) – But seriously – at least a dozen!!


12) And last but not the least – always order fresh flowers.



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