Ideas for floral home décor : Trending this Diwali 2013 – Clear vases

This Diwali as you get ready for festivities, try and include clear vases and fresh flowers in the decorations. Artificial flowers can never compete with fresh flowers in terms of style and elegance.  Getting your home ready for the guests and Diwali parties is definitely a challenge, but flowers when used artistically, add that instant glamour to your house and makes it look both well kept and cared for. There are many ways of using flowers for your home décor and yet most people just take the flowers and dump them in their old styles vases and throw them after just 2 days. Flowers last longer when you change the water everyday , and clear vases just remind you to do that with their transparency.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways to use the flowers as a part of your festive home renovations.

1) Make your house look  uber cool and chic with white lilies in transparent vases.


2) You can even use old glass bottles/ wine bottles  or old jars to keep your flowers looking fresh and neat. These are easy to do decorations when you are hard pressed for time and have a whole lot of things to throw away during the Diwali cleaning. Its great for window sills and balconies and instantly lighten up your mood as you look out.Image


3) You can even hang them or use them as wall mounts to pep up your balcony walls.


6) Wondering what to do with that old drinking glass set? Use them as a mantle piece.


7) Those old expensive perfume bottles, which you just cant throw, as they were gifts from a loved one. Use them for smaller flowers.


8) If the glassware is not as clear and looks a little less cheerful for your taste, add sparkle by  using coloured stones/ pebbles. Great for the kids room.


7) Add some petals or floral buds in the clear vase for a more fragrant and colourful arrangement.


9) Use lime specially on the dining table to give a tangy freshness to your flowers and mornings. Try old buttons for a more vintage looking flower arrangement.


10) Wondering what to do with all that colourful old jewellery from your college days which are out of fashion now. Use them in your arrangements to add a dash of colour and class. ( That beer mug is going to be a hit with the guys!!)


11) Make your Diwali decorations come alive with flower arrangements around your candles. They make excellent centerpieces for the mini gathering at Diwali.



12)     There is no Diwali without the Rangoli at the entrance and the Pooja room. Make floral rangoli to have a fragrant, prosperous and sparkling Diwali.

ImageImage                         Image  diwali1 (1)                                                                                



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